Friyday, 4th Janyiray 1884
Deer dehray,
Fowir dayz inti thi nyoo yeer an uv irridee broke mi nyoo yeerz rezulyooshin. Um stuck in a wee rowin boat, twin'ay oad miyulz aff thi coast o'Montrose. Wattie pirswaydid iz ti help um catch thi whale. 'Whut if it keeps sweemin an wi end up awa doon beh China?' Eh says ti Wattie. An ee caim strait back wee, 'Then wull jist hay ti hay sweet an soor whale blubbir fir wir tee.' Eez sum boy iz Wattie. Wi wirna oot in thi wahtir beh wirselz. Thir wir Lohdz o'ithir wee boats hingin aboot tay. It wiz thi whale thit eh fehlt sorry fir. Iviree tiym it cum ti thi surfis fir air, it wiz pehltit wee a big load o'harpoonz. An iviree tiym it swum awa deep, it wiz pehltit wee a big load o'abuse.



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