Friyday, 7th Disembir 1883
Deer dehray,
Yull nivir gais! Watties went an harpoond thi Humfy-backit whale! Ah thay so calld priffehshinul whalirz, wee ah thir ropes an gunz coodna day it, but Wattie did. Well ee didna igzactly harpoon thi whale, ee yaizd a gairdin fork, but thi iffect wiz thi same. Well nearly thi same. Thi whale didna akchully deh tho. Pair craitir. It must be murdir huvin ti sweem aboot thi river wee a gairdin fork stuk in yir ehrs. Eh widna be sirprehzd if Wattie got eez naim in thi paipir fir it tho.
P.S. Eh nearly bot a nyoo shirt thi day, but eh disiydid agehnst it, cuz ull nay doot git ain fir mi krissmiss fay sumbidee.



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