Choozday, 1st Janyiray 1884
Deer dehray,
A happy nyoo yeer, a bottul o' beer, an a skelp in thi lug tull nikst nyoo yeer! Last niyts pehrtay wiz thi gehm! Um stull haf schood. Wattie went an maid a fail o'eezsel ehftir ee wiz duft beh thi lassie wha selz thi tickits on thi Fiyfee. 'Shi iridee telt yi Wattie man. Nay whale, nay chans', eh saiz ti um. 'Jist firgit ir. Shiz affy much on thi toffay nozd siyd ehnaywiy.' Bit thirz nay telling a man whaz bissotid beh a wummin in uniform. Wha kenz whut ee miyt day nikst.

Nyoo yeerz rezulyooshin - Dinna start sumhin yi miyt Rigret ehftir.



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